Final Checklist

How to use and customize your final checklist.

Final Checklist

Step 1: Complete an invoice

When you finish the last task on an invoice, tap the the "Complete" button under the task timer.

Step 2: Record charges

In the Charges popup, you will be shown:

  • The estimated charge associated with your work (this is found in green at the top right)
  • The calculated charge according to your bench rate
  • A field to add a custom charge

If you are content with the bench rate, tap the green "Accept" button next to the Bench Rate field.

Otherwise, you can enter a custom charge and tap the green "Accept" button next to the Custom Charge field.

Step 3: Fill out final checklist

Assuming your final checklist is tailored to your shop's preferences, you can simply tap the empty boxes next to each item as you go through the list.

Tap the green "Continue" button in the bottom right to continue processing the invoice.

Edit Your Final Checklist

There is a generic final checklist that comes with Shopflow. If you need to alter the checklist to better serve your shop, see the following directions.

Tap Admin > Company > Final Checklist

This will take you to the final checklist editing menu.

To add a new item:

  • Tap the blue "Add new Row" text at the top of the menu
  • Enter your new item into the blank text box
  • Tap the blue floppy disc icon next to the text box

To edit an item:

  • Tap on the text box of an existing item
  • Make your revisions
  • Tap the blue floppy disc icon next to the text box

To delete an item:

  • Tap the black trash can icon next to the item you want to delete
  • If prompted by your browser, tap "Okay" to verify that you want to delete the item

Tap the green "Save" button at the bottom right of the page to save your changes.

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